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Why Does the US Always Have a Trade Deficit? (With Nearly Everyone)
Think of the world as composed of only two countries, Japan and the US in 1900. The easiest example to understand is to think about Imperial Japanese practices at that time. They required all export receipts to be deposited at the Yokohama Specie Bank in return for yen at the official exchange rate. If an importer wanted to buy any type of import, goods or services, it had to buy foreign exchange from the Yokohama Specie Bank...

Why Does the US Always Have a Trade Deficit - Updated 01.16.2012

Excess Liquidity
...There is a massive leak in the financial system caused by the undervaluation of the Chinese yuan. The Fed expands liquidity to support the system as needed according to their instruments. But the leak causes hundreds of billions of dollars each year to leak out of the system to China, other undervalued Asian economies, and to the other countries that supply raw materials, capital goods, and luxury goods to China or their vassal or tributary states...

Excess Liquidity - Updated 01.16.2012

Financial Panics and Scandals
For many years, we have kept a running log of financial panics, scandals, and failures. We have updated the list several times each year with new incidents, or with significant historic events. Suggestions for historic additions are welcome, particularly for major historic incidents or events in Asia, Australia/Oceania, South America, or Africa. The following link is to the latest update.

Financial Panics and Scandals - 12.26.2011




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